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    Hi guys - sorry if this seems a little uncouth, but could you bear with me and if possible see your way fit to help me help someone who is a real gem in his community and who I would like to help further support his community and assist with him being eligible to apply for becoming an Emergency Medical Technician....

    As some of you may know, in the relatively few free hours I have outside of work, travel and single-parenting, I donate my time to support East of England Ambulance Service's Community First Responder (CFR) scheme in Saffron Walden, N Essex. We are a group of 5 individuals who donate upwards of 15hrs of our time per month to provide urgent medical assistance to the most critically ill patients in our community in support of the ambulance service. The aim is to provide round-the-clock cover. We are trained by the NHS and dispatched by the 999 Control Room for all Cat 1 calls where life is in immediate danger (cardiac arrest, heart attacks, strokes, difficulty in breathing, asthma, choking, fits, collapses). As is our mandate, in the majority of cases we arrive before the Ambulance in order to provide immediate life-saving care and then support the Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians through the immediate phase of care and sometimes, depending on severity of the condition (i.e. during cardiac arrest), accompany the patient and medical professionals to hospital and give CPR en route. It is a not-for-profit organization and in the 18months since I qualified and have been on active duty, I have been honored to have met and worked alongside four other truly committed CFRs in my group, who come from a variety of backgrounds but who are passionate about serving their community as a member of the emergency services (albeit in a voluntary, but in a no less important, capacity). For some it has triggered a vocation and it is for that reason I would like to tell you about my friend Andy Player.

    Andy has, since leaving school, worked in the hospitality industry. He has, for the last three years, been a CFR in Saffron Walden - he is one of the most genuine people I've met and a truly caring person who makes a great CFR and would make a great member of the front-line Ambulance Service. Andy has wanted to join East of England Ambulance Service for some time but in order to be eligible to join, he requires a C1 License Category on his driving license (to drive ambulances up to 7.5tonnes) - the cost for this training in total is in the region of >GBP 1,000. Andy works locally in Saffron Walden and in excess of GBP 1,000 is truly a vast some of money which would take many years for him to save and would take away significantly from the family finances. Indeed, to become an Emergency Medical Technician he would initially have to take a paycut whilst training and in the first few years post-qualification, which he is prepared to do, but the initial cost of driver training is one step too far and stands in the way of him and his dream of joining front-line Ambulance Service.

    It seems very unfair to me that someone like Andy, who has the very compassion, people-skills, proven technical skills and burning desire to join the Ambulance Service - particularly at a time where we all know the Ambulance Service is in crisis - has this hurdle to jump over and for whom is financially unattainable.

    I believe in Andy and have set out to try and support him by suggesting crowd-funding, about which he was initially uncomfortable. But I believe in him and am proud to be in a position to be able to support someone who is truly valuable to our community to go on and do a job which most people would shy away from. I know how challenging the job is and it takes a special person to fulfill that role. I understand that without knowing Andy, it might feel like taking a leap in the dark to donate money in his direction, but for anyone who might normally give to charity to support local causes, could I ask you to think about donating in his direction - even a couple of quid would help towards his target. I would love to see him deliver on his dream and see the wider community benefit from his wonderful nature and drive to help people in their darkest moments. It is indeed sad that people are forced to seek donations to be in a position to be considered to be employed by the NHS and I also completely realise that not everyone will want to and that is also ok. Thanks for reading.

    Thank you from me and also from Andy if you do decide to donate. If you feel you might be able to share his page into your personal network, please do so.

    All the best,


    P.S. - a little more about CFRs in East of England Ambulance Service Trust (EEAST) too, if anyone is interested:

    Saffron Walden CFR Group - /< />

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